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Building Reinforcement
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement highly recommended technic for building reinforcement. According top American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) CFRO is an effective material for herar strength and ductility of seismically deficient corner of knee reinforced concrete beam-column joints.
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Automotive Industry

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) has been used in high end automotive production for many years. The core competitiveness of CFRP is its durability on crash test and low weight proerty. In Middle high segment, BMW company is the first one who use CFRP in mass production of it new electric car i-series Please visit, www.bmw-i.com for more information about BMW i series.

Aerospace and Aircraft Industry
In todays passenger aircraft more tha 50% percent of total weight is composed of advance composites including CFRP. Latest model of Boeing 787 is highly consists of CFRP with more than 50% of its weight. Please click here to get more info about the aircraft.

Defence Industry

Carbon, Carbon-Glass, Carbon - Aramid Farbics are highly used in Material Science of Defense Industry. Approximately %50 of todays strike and Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV aircrafts are build by composite materials reinforced with carbon fiber. Please visit www.tai.com.tr/en for more information.

Boat and Yatching Industry

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is highly used in hatching industry. There are several types of fibers which are used for this purpose. Most used ones are glass aramid (kevlar), carbon and hybrid construction of these fiber. To have more information about the use of these fibers in boats please contact with us.
Picture above clearly shows the difference between carbon fiber strengthen column with other column.